Tuition and Fees

Tuition and general fees for all academic programs are established annually by Brigham Young University’s Board of Trustees. BYU is owned and operated by the Church, and significant portions of university operating costs are paid with the tithes of Church members. In recognition of this support, Church members are assessed lower tuition fees than those who are not members. This practice is similar in principle to that of state universities charging higher tuition to nonresidents. Students are considered members of the Church if they have been baptized at any time during the semester or term.

Semester Tuition Rates

You can view the university's current tuition rates by visting the BYU Financial Services Website.

BYU Financial Services: Tuition Rates

Tuition will be assessed per half-credit hour. The charge for noncredit courses or courses being audited is charged at the same rate as for credit courses.

Enrollment as a part-time undergraduate student does not entitle the student to health services, student activity privileges, or physical education facility privileges.

Tuition Adjustment—Status Change in Credit Hours

A part-time student who decreases credit hours may be entitled to a tuition refund. A full refund will be allowed for classes dropped through the add/drop deadline. Refunds for courses dropped after that date will be subject to the refund rate schedule listed under Tuition Refunds/Charges—Discontinuance.

Payment Options

View payment options.

Refund Policy

Pro-rata Charges for Dropped Classes

Students may drop classes without penalty until the add deadline and receive a refund. If the student has received financial aid, a portion of the refund may be required to be returned to the financial aid program and/or lender. After the add deadline, tuition will be recalculated based on the student’s current enrollment status. A pro-rata tuition charge will be applied for dropped classes that result in a student moving from full-time to three-quarter time or three-quarter time to part time, or fewer hours within part-time status. The pro-rata charge applies to tuition and most class fees. Certain class fees relate to the delivery of required supplies or services and are not refundable. The pro-rata charges are as follows:


If class is dropped beginning: The pro-rata charge will be:
The day after the add deadline 15%
The fourth week of class 25%
The ninth week of class 50%
The eleventh week of class 100%


If class is dropped beginning: The pro-rata charge will be:
The day after the add deadline 15%
The third week of class 25%
The fifth week of class 50%
The sixth week of class 100%

The recalculation of tuition may result in a refund. The amount of the refund a student will receive is based on the date the classes are dropped, or in the case of an official discontinuance, the date that the student reports such discontinuance to the Evening Classes Office, 211 Harman Continuing Education Building (HCEB).

Refunds for classes dropped after the add deadline will be mailed or direct deposited approximately two weeks after the class is dropped.

Refunds will be mailed to the mailing address on file in myBYU. Direct deposit is a more timely way to receive a refund. To authorize direct deposit of refunds: myBYU > Campus Links > School > My Financial Center > Profile > Direct Deposit (Edit).

A petition for exception to the refund schedule will be considered for students forced to discontinue because of circumstances that are beyond their control such as death in the immediate family, life-threatening situations, medical incapacitation, a university error, or military leave. Students should not submit petitions based on ignorance of university policies and procedures. These will be denied. Petition forms are available in the Evening Classes Office, 211 Harman Continuing Education Building (HCEB).

The university reserves the right to change these prices and policies without notice.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available for select undergraduate Evening Classes students. Applicants will be selected on the basis of financial need, academic potential, character, and the capacity to help others develop their skills, talents, and abilities. Application forms are available on the Evening Classes Web site and in the Evening Classes Office, 211 Harman Continuing Education Building (HCEB). A current Ecclesiastical Endorsement and transcript are required with your application.

Departmental Fees

Many classes carry an additional fee for materials beyond the regular tuition. Please contact the appropriate department concerning the fee.