Policies & FAQ

Policy Changes:

(Updated 10/16/2017:)

The Senior Audit program has been discontinued and is no longer offered. Please contact our office if you have addtional questions.


(Updated 4/19/2017:)

Please note that effective immediately students enrolled as non-degree seeking students are no longer limited to 8.5 credit hours of Evening Classes credit in a semester (4 in a term). Students may continue to register as part-time*, but those who wish may register as 3/4 time** or may register as full-time*** in Evening Classes credit if they choose.

For students who plan to enroll in a 3/4 or full-time load, we highly recommend students consider taking some of their classes at the BYU Salt Lake Center in order to better balance the schedule throughout the week. Evening Students may enroll in classes at the Salt Lake Center regardless of the time when the class is offered. 

*Part-time = 0.5 - 8.5 credits

**3/4 Time = 9.0 - 11.5 credits

***Full-time = 12.0 - 18.0 credits



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