Discontinuance is dropping ALL classes for a semester/term. If you just want to withdraw from some classes, but not all, you may do so online in MyMAP until the Withdraw deadline.

Discontinuance Before Classes Start

Students may discontinue by dropping each class or by clicking the "Drop All Classes" link on the Register page in MyMAP. No withdraw date will be posted to your transcript if you drop all your classes before the first day of the semester or term.

Discontinuance Until the Add/Drop Deadline

Students may discontinue by dropping each individual class or by clicking “Drop All Classes” on the Register page in MyMAP until the add/drop deadline.

Discontinuance on or after the first day of class will result in a withdraw date posted on your transcript.

There will be no tuition charged for classes dropped by the Add/Drop deadline.

Discontinuance After the Add/Drop Deadline

From the add/drop deadline until the discontinuance deadline, you can withdraw from all your classes by submitting a discontinuance form to the Evening Classes Office. Forms can be obtained at the Evening Classes Office or at the following link: Downloadable Discontinuance Form.

Discontinuance after the Add/Drop deadline will result in withdraw grades posted on your transcript.

If discontinuing after the withdraw deadline, you will need to obtain signatures from your instructors. (After this time students are responsible for grades earned in class.) Each instructor will indicate an official withdrawal (W) or an academic failing withdrawal (WE) grade.

Tuition will be charged from the day after the add/drop deadline to the date of discontinuance at the percentage outlined by the Tuition Refund Chart.


  • International students or students receiving multicultural financial aid must receive approval from those offices (respectively) before discontinuing.
  • After the discontinuance deadline, if non–academic circumstances arise, students should work with their instructors to get an Incomplete contract. If that is not possible, they may submit a petition to the Evening Classes Office.
  • Students who leave the university under emergency conditions and subsequently do not return still have the responsibility to discontinue before the discontinuance deadline.