About Evening Classes

BYU Evening Classes let university students and members of the community attend BYU classes without formally applying to the university. Classes are offered from a wide array of disciplines.

Whether you plan to take classes to satisfy degree requirements for another university in transfer, satisfy post-baccalaureate educational or career goals, or audit classes for personal fulfillment, please contact Evening Classes so we can help with your needs.

The Department of Evening Classes supports 59 of the university's 74 academic departments by offering courses taught by their faculty and part–time instructors after 4:00 p.m. Evening Classes lets the university leverage scarce faculty and physical resources by providing more courses in the evening hours.

Most sections offered as Evening Classes are undergraduate courses. Enrollees include 59% of the university's undergraduate students and 14% of the graduate students. Nearly 98% of the students who graduate from BYU enroll in evening classes, taking an average of 7.5 courses.

Evening Classes may be helpful in continuing enrollment at BYU and in many instances let students graduate sooner.